New EEO Commissioner has plenty of challenges

Press Release: Pay Equity Challenge Coalition
16 April 2013

New EEO Commissioner has plenty of challenges

The Pay Equity Challenge Coalition is pleased to hear that the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Commissioner position has been retained and congratulates Dr Jackie Blue on her appointment.

“The EEO Commissioner is a vital position within the Human Rights Commission and has been vacant since the departure of Dr Judy McGregor late last year,” says Angela McLeod, spokesperson for the Pay Equity Challenge Coalition.

“The retention of the EEO Commissioner is good for women and the Coalition looks forward to the Commission’s continuing support for such issues as equal pay, extending paid parental leave and fair working conditions in the residential aged care sector.

“Women workers, especially those in female dominated workplaces, are short changed in multiple ways, the most obvious being in their pay packets.

“As advocates for eliminating the gender pay gap and interveners in the current Equal Pay Case, we want to see action from the Government. In the past, the work of the EEO Commissioner has been important in reporting inequities for women in employment, highlighted in the regular Census of Women’s Participation and last year’s Caring Counts report.

“We want to see action from the Government on the recommendations from these EEO reports.

“We want to see this Government valuing women’s work and ensuring that there is true equal employment opportunity for women.

“Our challenge to the new EEO Commissioner, is to support the women of New Zealand, call on the government to legislate for equal pay for work of equal value, support extended paid parental leave and ensure fair pay in the residential aged care sector,” Angela McLeod said.


For further comment contact

Media spokesperson: Angela McLeod, on (027) 497-2761


The Pay Equity Challenge is a coalition of community, employer, union and academic groups who are committed to putting pay equity issues back on the Government’s, and New Zealand’s, agenda.  Find out more about the Coalition and its members here

Pay Equity Challenge Coalition.

Convenor: Eileen Brown.  Telephone: (04) 802 3813.
Media spokesperson: Angela McLeod. Telephone (027) 497-2761




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