I am well into the work I need to undertake to gather information regarding discrimination or impediments experienced by women with disabilities. The spade work of contacting 40+ organisations and agencies has been undertaken, with more yet to do. I attended the 3rd National Conference on Disabilities on 17 June and made more contacts but more importantly met people who have agreed to work with us.

I am going overseas to Vietnam and Cambodia 10 July – 2 August, and on my return I will be starting the next steps towards this project. I need to write the second letter, with specific requests and questions to each organisation or agency, with regard to access to education, employment and health-care services. We need also to ascertain whether the ongoing welfare reforms discriminate against women with disabilities. This is information specifically requested for the 2014 Interim CEDAW Report, but with further information to be gathered for the 2016 CEDAW Report.

I have in my possession a document providing a huge number of questions that should be addressed when reporting to the UN CEDAW Monitoring Committee. I need to select those questions pertinent to this interim report. It was envisaged that I would be Leader of the Working Group on Women with Disabilities – but now I need some members from within BPW NZ to work with me. I have some contacts from outside BPW who can assist and I will be working with them, but BPW NZ needs to demonstrate its commitment to the project and ultimate Report.

It would be of great assistance if there are members with an impairment (that leads to disability), have family members with one or more impairments, who could provide input, or members who work with service providers who can contribute. This is not the only criteria to join the Working Group – willingness to contribute and offer assistance are the main criteria.

Please contact me by email after 2 August as I am unsure of my ability to download my messages as I travel. Contact details : dglenn@ihug,co.nz

Thanks to those who can offer.

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