Congratulations to Dianne Glenn who has been elected to the Counties
Manukau District Health Board. She top-polled the three new members on the Board, following the four who got re-elected, to make up the seven elected members on the Board. The Ministry of Health

Dianne Glenn for Elections 2013

Dianne Glenn for Elections 2013

now appoints four more members – some of whom could be unsuccessful candidates if they have the necessary credentials to cover all aspects of the Board’s roles.

Dianne also reports that she has recently been appointed as a member of the Auckland Council’s District Licensing Committee. Commissioners on this committee will hear all applications for liquor licenses, to implement the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (2012) which becomes operational on 18 December, this year. The aims of this Act are to provide greater input from the public in making decisions on applications, to change the drinking culture in NZ and to reduce alcohol related harm.

From other regions, Angela McLeod (Im. Past President BPW NZ) and Hellen Swales, who some of you may have met at the BPW NZ Professional Development weekend in February, and are both members of BPW Upper Hutt, have both been elected to Upper Hutt City Council. This is Hellen’s second term.

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