Pay disparity is discrimination against NZ women

BPW NZ Media Release: Pay disparity  is discrimination against NZ women

For immediate release

“Pay disparity is discrimination against NZ women” says Carolyn Savage, the President of the NZ Federation of Business and Professional Women,

“Statistics provided by the last Census show that women over the last 7 years have only achieved a $4,000 improvement in median incomes compared to a $5,000 increase by men.

“This reflects the worst form of financial discrimination against working women. There is an average loss of $13,400 per year from woman employees who could contribute to the financial and sustainable business growth of the country.

“These are not acceptable figures and the Government, Public and Private Sectors need to wake up and stop stealing from the very group who could help both the local and nation-wide economies to grow.

“It is time to make a stand for the future financial growth of the New Zealand economy by reducing the gender pay gap,” says Ms Savage

For further information or to schedule an interview please contact:

President, Carolyn Savage, 021 117 9261 or email

or Angela McLeod  027 497 2761


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