BPW NZ Award winners at Conference 2014



Alix Haywood Gavel Award:   

Awarded to BPW Franklin, the club that displayed the best standard of communication during the past year; primarily through the club newsletter and is judged by the BPW NZ Executive secretary.  BPW Franklin’s newsletter looked professional, clearly showed BPW’s branding, consistent, well laid out and easy to read.  It is informative and interesting, letting members know about upcoming events and reported on past events.

Alix Hayward











Anne Todd Award:    BPW Tamaki

Awarded to the club that has actively pursued an issue which improves the status of women.

Anne Todd issues











Brooker Marketing Award:  BPW Franklin

Awarded to the club that has been most effective in marketing BPW through an activity that they have completed in the current year.

Brooker Marketing award











Club of the Year:  BPW Franklin

Awarded to the club that has best demonstrated the AIMS of BPW over the past year.

Club of the Year 2014


Community Achievement Award:

Awarded to PW Gisborne, the club that contributes most to their local community during the past year.

Community Achievement Award











Margery Toulson 2014


Daphne Chapman Award: Joan Bielby, BPW Tamaki


Awarded annually to the BPW member who best promotes the image of BPW NZ.  This includes actions, which may have been undertaken within the club, local or a national community – a member who promotes the vision of BPW NZ





Harrison Lee Membership Award

Awarded to BPW Warkworth the club that has achieved the highest increase in membership.  An increase from 32 to 43 members making an increase of 25.5%.

Harrison Lee Membership











Pauline Gapper Nepal Literacy Award:  BPW Hawera

The Nepal Prayer lamp is awarded annually to the club that raises the most money for the Women’s Literacy Project in Nepal and is now named in honour of the late Pauline Gapper, Life Member and Past President, who gave her time and commitment to this project.  BPW Hawera raised a huge $1,715.00

Pauline Gapper Nepal Literacy 2014











Distinguished Service Awards:

This new award was initiated at conference 2013 by Lorraine Cameron.  It is not a competition but intended to give national recognition to those members who may never attain leadership higher than club level, but are the backbone of a club and therefore the BPW NZ organisation.  It is to honour a member who has given long meritorious service in any capacity to BPW NZ at club level for at least five years and has consistently supported those in her BPW club and BPW NZ leadership positions.

Distinguished Serrvice Award 2014











          • Marie Berghan – BPW Kaitaia;
          • Noelene Murdoch – BPW Tamaki
          • Liz Hall – BPW Franklin
          • Alison Crosswell – BPW Gisborne;
          • Pauline Whiston – BPW Upper Hutt


Jenny Brittain

Jenny Brittain












Hayley Elise Rose
Havelock North 4130

Hayley is working towards a BA Majoring in Psychology, Minor in Rehabilitation.

Hayley is a stay at home Mum to three children but works at a supermarket in the evenings as well as trying to study.

She is aiming to complete her degree to become qualified and would like to be employed as a Probations Officer.  Her dream one day would be to continue her studies while working and become a Clinical Psychologist (something that seems a long way off at this point).

Hayley has been studying for four years and has attained great marks ranging from A+ – B+.

In October this year, Hayley intends to complete a 15 week programme to become a Lifeline Volunteer Counsellor as she would like to do some volunteer work in her community.  This is a field she would find very rewarding and also relevant to her studies.

Hayley was absolutely over the moon when she received a phone call advising her that she had won the award.

Jenny Brittain







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