Leadership Forum – 18th & 19th October 2014

The Federation of Business and Professional Women New Zealand Inc. Leadership Forum 18 & 19 October 2014 at Pukekohe.

Diary this date NOW!!

Using our voice

      • To negotiate
      • To run meetings
      • To advocate
      • To challenge
      • To promote
      • To persuade
      • To facilitate
      • To inform

This is for you!  And your community!

All members are invited.  Any club which has two or more paying attendees may sponsor someone from their community who they are working with or mentoring to attend this event free of charge. We do give a damn! 

Skill building

To empower ourselves and our organisation

Join us for two days of sharing knowledge and experiences, exchanging ideas, gaining new tools and fostering and/or renewing fellowships and networking.          

“An organisation is only as good as its membership.

Leaders may emerge with vision, creativity and direction but it is the quality of the supporting members, the width of the expertise they contribute, the depth of their interest and the determination they bring, that allows an organisation to fulfil its aims and become the powerhouse for the members’ own development”  

Dr Lena Madesin Phillips, BPWI Founding President (1930 – 1947) 

Further details later

Diary this date now!

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