Prevent Workplace Bullying

Diversity Awards NZ 2014


Our upcoming workshop in the Diversity Workshop Series will give you the skills you need to create a healthy, productive work environment and to establish the policies you need to keep it that way.

From Bias to Bullying will highlight the most effective tools and approaches to identify inappropriate behaviours in the workplace and respond in the right way, covering:

  • What bullying and harassment is and is not
  • Effects on people and organisational culture
  • Types of perpetrators
  • Options for dealing with it – personally, informally & formally

Our facilitators Professor Tim Bentley and Dr Bevan Catley are highly skilled in this area and currently hold roles as AUT Director of the New Zealand Work Research Institute and Associate Head of the School of Management at Massey University, respectively.

Join us and take this opportunity to establish a positive foundation for your team. Limited spaces are available at this special discounted rate of 2 for 1 so don’t delay and click here to book today!
Best Regards,

Rachel Lamb

Events Coordinator

This research explores whether respondents who self-identified as New Zealand Europeans experienced less bullying and less severe outcomes than those who self-identified as Māori, Pacific Island or other ethnic groups. Social support was also examined as a potential buffer against the negative effects of bullying.  Respondents with more supportive supervisors and colleagues reported experiencing less bullying and less strain. The implications of these findings for management of workplace bullying are discussed in this report.


Recommended reading: Workplace Bullying and Harassment – A toolbox for Managers and Supervisors

Workplace bullying, harassment and occupational violence are not simple issues to deal with. If ignored or dealt with poorly they can create a toxic workplace where high staff turnover, complaints and ongoing conflict are the norm. This toolbox is a practical guide for managers and supervisors, offering solutions that should be at the fingertips of any person holding a position of authority in the workplace.

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