More research needed over trafficking in New Zealand

Jacqui Stanford,

Newstalk ZBJune 22, 2014, 6:42 am

Fresh assertions foreign men and women are subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking in New Zealand, come as no surprise to anti-slavery advocates.

The claims are made in a US State Department report, which refers to forced labour on foreign-flagged fishing vessels.

It says victims face debt bondage, confiscation of their passports, and the underpayment of wages.

Stand Against Slavery’s Steph Lambert says while the Government has taken steps to combat the exploitation in the fishing industry, more must be done.

“We’re also hopeful that there will be greater research done to find out what exactly the nature and the scope of human trafficking in New Zealand really is.”

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One Response to More research needed over trafficking in New Zealand

  1. Pauline Edwards says:

    The strongest advocats in this area in New Zealand are the Salvation Army and my friend Chris Frazer is part of that team and has just coordinated the international conference on it in Auckland She would be a good speaker at any meeting or conference

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