Update on $9 note campaign

Equal Pay Nine dollar note

In an age of returning heroes via mind-boggling holograms, another voice returns from the grave in the form of famous suffragist Kate Sheppard, joining the YWCA’s campaign to declare equal pay as the modern day suffrage.

Back in 1893, Kate Sheppard played a pivotal role in New Zealand history as the first country in the world to award women the right to vote. For that reason she adorns our $10 note as Kiwis rightfully take pride in our socially progressive history, harking back 121 years ago today.

But how would she respond today to research and statistics reporting the gender pay gap is prevalent within our society?

Demonstrating the irony of Kate Sheppard fronting the New Zealand $10 note spells out that every $10 a man earns, a woman earns less. The symbol of equality we are so proud of is actually a reminder of the pay gap that remains between men and women.

“The YWCA is excited by the compelling statement Kate Sheppard’s $9 note makes to New Zealand,” says YWCA’s Sina Wendt-Moore. “By reintroducing the late, great Kate Sheppard to Kiwis, we’re hoping people will look at the issue through a broader lens as we ask them to consider whether we can still call ourselves a socially progressive nation, given the impact equal pay is having on our society.”

Support the Demand Equal Pay Campaign and donate $9. Help build better futures for young women.

YWCA is wholly committed to campaigning for equal pay. As a global network of women leading social and economic change in over 120 countries, equal pay could not be more vital to this organisation.

$9 note campaign

Here in New Zealand, the statistics are consistently telling us the same story –
a proportion of women are still being paid less than men for doing the same job.

The New Zealand Income Survey (June 2013 quarter) reveals that females’ average hourly earnings would need to increase by 13% to match men’s.

For any modern, progressive organisation who claims to be reputable, ethical corporate
citizens, equal pay should without doubt be front and centre of their HR strategies.

Equal pay MUST BE the foundation for Diversity and best work place practice.

We’ve been thrilled with the stories shared through this year’s entries. This is what the YWCA Equal Pay Awards is truly about. Not just shining a light on the issue, but highlighting the solutions too.

And what better way to do this, than to celebrate employers blazing the trail for equal pay in New Zealand, acknowledging them as thought leaders in this space and sharing their stories. We salute you!

Please find the 2014 YWCA Equal Pay Award winners below.

GOLD AWARD WINNER                                               WESTPAC NEW ZEALAND LTD
BRONZE AWARD WINNER                                           BNZ
HIGHLY COMMENDED                                                  NEW ZEALAND DEFENCE FORCE
SPECIAL MENTION                                                      DOWNER NZ
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