BPW NZ calls fashion industry to account

Media Release: BPW NZ calls fashion industry to account

The New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW NZ) joins the call for action on the use of skinny models and mannequins as it is directly affecting the self-esteem and health of many of our young people.

Research shows a direct correlation between published and modelled “perfect” body image and the body dissatisfaction of young girls which results in health problems, low self-esteem and greater risk of self-harm and suicide.

“BPW NZ calls upon the fashion industry and the media to act responsibly and introduce a voluntary code of practice on body image” says President Vicky Mee.

“BPW NZ advocates for a Code providing accountability and guidelines that the industry must follow.

“A code of practice on body image would provide the minimum standards to ensure young girls and women are not being shown an impossible ideal.

“A code is an important and vital part of protecting our young women and allowing their talents to flourish, not having them worrying about reducing their body size” says Vicky Mee, President BPW NZ.

“It is time for action.”

For further information or to schedule an interview please contact:

President, Vicky Mee 021 1168 948 or email president@bpwnz.org.nz

or IPP Carolyn Savage 021 1179 261 or email ipp@bpwnz.org.nz


New Zealand Herald article  16th October 2014

The skinny mannequins have sparked controversy over the past week.

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