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Treaty House


I have just written this great little book about New Zealand’s most historic house – The Treaty House. Situated at Waitangi, in the Bay of Islands, the beautiful north-eastern corner of New Zealand, Ngapuhi tribal territory, and is significant for being the first house purchased as a state monument.

My book is primarily about The Treaty House and the events surrounding its construction and existence. The building, which observed so much antagonism and had suffered from a chequered life, fortunately escaped destruction on many occasions. The Treaty House is the focal point of the Waitangi Reserve and built in 1834 for British Resident James Busby. The Busby family created the beginnings of a home that was to become very significant in New Zealand’s history.

The grounds were developed by James Busby and that during his era the gardens were at their height of glory, ‘…a more delightful and romantic spot would be difficult to find in the bay…’  Many bushes and trees, planted by James, his wife Agnes and visiting dignitaries of the day are still a feature in the Reserve.

This book is about being informed about Waitangi, ‘the place’, and ideal as a gift, for visitors without being heavy and deep on history, just enough to be informed. It would be a great way for children to be introduced to New Zealand’s history and to get a grip on a few relevant facts. A must for a school library or on the bookshelf at home and includes many vibrant images. It is very well researched with research resources credited within.

My book does not discuss The Treaty of Waitangi itself, Maori chiefs, tribes, or Maori wars, custom or culture, only of the house, gardens and residents.

You can purchase a copy from Trish Gray

04 971 4941

027 4500 544


 $20 per copy

Trish is a member of BPW Upper Hutt

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