Media Release: BPW NZ challenges NZ’s lack of leadership with the decline in Gender Equity Ranking

The New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW NZ) is concerned at New Zealand’s drop in ranking in the Global Gender Gap Report 2014 just released by the World Economic Forum.

New Zealand is now ranked 13th out of 142 countries in 2014 after being ranked 5th for gender equity in 2010.  The rankings are based on economic, political, education and health based criteria and it is most concerning that it is in the area of economic participation and opportunity for women that New Zealand is losing ground.

“Today the High Court handed women a small victory in the fight for a reduction in the gender pay gap, which is sorely needed given that the Global Gender Gap Report shows that we have dropped from 20th to 27th in wage equality since last year” says Vicky Mee, President BPW NZ.

“Most alarming is the fall from 27th ranking for estimated earned income in 2013 to 67th with the World Economic Forum finding the estimated earned income for females to be $24,478 and for males $40,000.

“In real figures the financial disadvantage to women equates to $15,522 per year, and this is unacceptable.

“BPW NZ is concerned that the gender pay gap negatively impacts on potential financial growth of New Zealand through investment and therefore GDP.

“For the sake of our economy we call on the New Zealand Government and business leaders to implement change, to become world leaders and ensure women and men receive equal pay for work of equal value.

“Stop the decline,” says Mrs Mee.


For further information or to schedule an interview please contact:

President, Vicky Mee 021 1168 948 or email

or IPP Carolyn Savage 021 1179 261 or email



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