Women should ‘shut the f**k up’: Is this the most offensive song of 2014?

  • NOVEMBER 10, 2014 5:29PM

    Women should ‘shut the f**k up’: Is this the most offensive song of 2014?

  • The “Literally I can’t” girls, shortly before being forcibly ordered to “Shut the f**k up

    The “Literally I can’t” girls, shortly before being forcibly ordered to “Shut the f**k up.”

  • THERE’S still about seven weeks left in the year, but we’re gonna call it: this is the worst song of 2014.
  • Literally I Can’t is a collaboration between production duo Play-N-Skillz, rapper Lil’ Jon, Sideshow Bob lookalike Redfoo and someone named Enertia McFly.

    Released to YouTube at the start of the month, the dance track has since drawn heavy criticism not just because it’s objectively terrible (it is), but because of the appalling attitudes the singers offer up regarding women and the issue of consent.

    In the music video, the Literally I Can’t, women are prim, conservatively dressed sorority sisters who arrive at a raucous house party and rebuff the advances of the drunken frat bros inside with the refrain “Literally, I can’t”.

  • Oh you are just the worst.

    Oh you are just the worst.

    The irresistible invitations these girls are refusing? Tequila shots, an invite to the afterparty and a request to watch them engage in some ‘girl on girl’. Charming.

    After responding “Literally, I can’t” to each of these offers, the girls get rushed and tackled by the boozed-up jocks, and rapper Lil’ Jon shouts his instruction to them, which acts as the chorus for the whole wretched song: An aggresive demand for women to “SHUT THE F**K UP!”

  • Got that, fellas? If a girl rebuffs your invitation to get wasted and fool around, just tell her to “Shut the f**k up” and do whatever you were going to do anyway.

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Australian X Factor judge and lover of terrible budget eyewear Redfoo pops up to rap the song’s second verse. Brace yourself:

    “You got a big ol’ butt, I can tell by the way you walkin’. But you an annoying slut, because you’re talking,” says Redfoo, who at 39 should really know better.

    “Shhh … I said jump on the pole; I didn’t need your opinion … I’m trying to see what you got, not trying to hear what you think.”

    Redfoo: Literally, we can’t. This makes Party Rock Anthem sounds like Imagine.

    If all that’s not enough to make you loathe the song, it’s also coming under fire with allegations of plagiarism — many have pointed out that the ‘Literally, I can’t’ refrain was used to far more humorous effect in a video posted by Vine user ‘Juliet’ in May, captioned ‘White Girl Anthem’ and since played more than 14 million times.

    Literally I can’t


    Ugh. Just ugh. The really depressing thing about all this? Literally I Can’t will probably be number one by Christmas.

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