Violence against Women – Globally binding norm

An email from Dr Jacquie Blue.

I am a member of the “Every woman everywhere” coalition (Oceania group) which run out of Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy Fellow, Initiative on Violence Against Women, Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Essentially the group has been formed to lobby for a globally binding norm  on violence against women and girls. Despite current international legal frameworks, action from individual states continues to be insufficient. This approach leaves women open to arguments of culture and religion, with little or no legal protection against violence. To mitigate against this, The Everywoman Everywhere Coalition has established and coordinated Regional Working Groups comprising human rights lawyers, advocates, practitioners, survivors, scholars and media experts. The members of the Everywoman Working Groups will have a clear commitment towards the development of a global binding norm on violence against women. This binding norm will address the current need for better implementation of existing laws while also addressing the needs of women in countries that continue to lack effective domestic legislation.

Members have been asked if  we can get other  organisations to support/endorse this objective. Please see the website for more information:  I appreciate that this will most likely have to go to a Board meeting.

Merry Christmas and I hope you have a lovely break.

Kind regards

Jackie Blue

Dr Jackie Blue


NZ Human Rights Commission | Te Kāhui Tika Tangata

PA Miriana Knox: +64 9 375 8616 | T: +64 9 309 0874 | F: +64 9 377 3593

PO Box 6751, Wellesley Street, Level 3 Zurich House, 21 Lower Queen Street, Auckland CBD 1141, New Zealand

PO Box 12411, Thorndon, Level 1 Vector House, 44 The Terrace, Wellington 6144, New Zealand

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