Latest gender equality research

Women less confident about retirement goals

The latest ANZ retirement savings survey found that women in New Zealand feel a lot less confident about reaching their retirement savings goals than men do. Although 44% of New Zealanders felt they were on track to reach their goals, only 34% of women were confident about this, compared with 55% of men. The lack of confidence can be attributed to the gender pay gap and women’s time off from work to care for family.

New study highlights need to scale up violence prevention efforts globally

The “Global status report on violence prevention 2014” assessed 133 countries’ efforts to address interpersonal violence. It found that:

  • only 1 in 3 countries surveyed implemented large-scale initiatives to prevent violence;
  • just over half the countries fully enforced a set of 12 laws generally acknowledged to prevent violence, although 80% of countries have enacted them; and
  • only half of all countries have services in place to protect and support victims of violence.

Results highlight the urgent need for greater violence prevention in all countries. This includes stronger legislation and enforcement of laws, strengthened justice and security institutions to uphold the rule of law, and enhanced services for victims of violence

Study reveals sexual harassment leads to ‘insidious trauma’

For many women, sexual harassment is an everyday experience. However, the belief still persists that harassment doesn’t do any actual harm and “isn’t that bad.” New research provides evidence that sexual harassment in the form of “body surveillance” and “unwanted sexual advances” is, in fact, traumatising for women.  Researchers specifically designed an online survey to test how women felt about the appearance of their bodies, and to identify feelings of shame. They found that the objectification resulted in “insidious trauma.”

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