Debbie Power to be new deputy state services commissioner

Debbie Power will be the new deputy state services commissioner for New Zealand from 15 June this year, it has been announced.

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2 Responses to Debbie Power to be new deputy state services commissioner

  1. Pauline Edwards says:

    The mailing address is interesting

  2. Pauline Edwards says:

    I trust and hope that BPW New Zealand is being completely supportive of this UN Woman Leaders Campaign, for it is an ex Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clarke, who is a front runner for this role, I understand, but I suspect that because she is a woman it may difficult for her to gain New Zealand political support and the necessary energy to galvanise the members of the UN to support her.  I can only hope and wish and pray that she is successful for she was a good leader and clever politician and smart in the very best meaning of that word.Her experience in all aspects of her life would mean that she offers leadership that is inclusive, based on knowledge, experience and an unselfish approach to politics.I wish her luck and a good result for her and all womenPauline Edwards, MSS

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