BPW NZ congratulates midwives for challenging structural pay discrimination

Media Release: BPW NZ congratulates midwives for challenging structural pay discrimination

The New Zealand Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW NZ) congratulates the College of Midwives for taking action on low remuneration for Lead Maternity Carers (LMCs/midwives).

The High Court action lodged by the College of Midwives alleges that the Ministry of Health’s pay levels breach gender rules under the Bill of Rights Act.

“BPW NZ fully supports the midwives in this court action to prove that there is structural pay discrimination operating in the health sector and that midwives, who are 99.9% women are paid less than if the role was predominately men,” says President Vicky Mee.

“The skill, the complexity, the long hours and the overhead costs born by our midwives has not been recognised and therefore not valued financially.

“This is a women’s issue and this is a human rights issue.

“We welcome this test case which seeks to expose the structural pay discrimination inherent in a female dominated occupation.

“New Zealand’s midwives are leading the way in challenging unequal pay rates and we trust that other occupations follow suit.

“Economic equality for men and women will only come when structural discrimination is acknowledged and eliminated,” says Mrs Mee.


For further information or to schedule an interview please contact:

President, Vicky Mee 021 1168 948 or email president@bpwnz.org.nz

or Vice President Issues Hellen Swales 0275286799  or email  VPIssues@bpwnz.org.nz

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