Latest pay statistics for women are a call to action

Latest pay statistics for women are a call to action

by Eileen Brown

Media release: Pay Equity Coalition

 Latest pay statistics for women are a call to action

The latest quarterly employment figures are no comfort for women and are a call for action from the National Government, says the Pay Equity Coalition.

The latest Quarterly Employment Survey shows that the average hourly pay imbalance between men and women has widened from 12.9% to 13.2%

“The survey results make the recommendations of the Joint Working Group (JWG) on Pay Equity Principles even more critical.  The recommendations would go some way to reducing the unfair gender pay imbalance” says spokesperson Angela McLeod.

“Women must be paid fairly. Paying women less than their male counterparts for work of the same value is discrimination and it has to stop.”

The Government are considering the recommendations now. The Coalition have written to the Minister of Women encouraging her to work with her cabinet colleagues and endorse the recommendations of the JWG.

“It’s time for action from this Government. New Zealand has an opportunity to do the right thing and pay women what they are worth and pay women equally,” said McLeod.


For further comment please contact –

Pay Equality Coalition Spokesperson, Angela McLeod – 027 497 2761


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One Response to Latest pay statistics for women are a call to action

  1. Pauline Edwards says:

    I am so sorry but all I can hear are all those women in BPW from the mid to late 70’s saying ‘here we go again’ for some of us this is simply a never resolved and frequently shelved problem that simply gets buried under excuses from Parliamentarians and businesses.There has to be a practical and very loud way to gain the appropriate Parliamentary and Business attention to win this never ending fight and the never have to do it again

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