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Special Announcement: Celebrate with us this #BPWDay on 26 August!

BPW E-News <> Jul 28 at 1:55 PM Wear something yellow this #BPWDay   Dear BPW Sister, We’re almost a month away to #BPWDay! Happening on 26 August, #BPWDay celebrates the day that BPW was founded by Lena Madesin Phillips … Continue reading

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Why it’s OK to celebrate the rise of female leaders, even if they’re not good feminists

JENNY NOYES Last updated 07:10, July 14 2016 OPINION: Here’s a thought worth clutching to in these trying times: By the time 2016 draws to a close, providing the voters of the United States don’t majorly screw it up for us … Continue reading

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Gender divide alive and well in NZ job market

JULY 12, 2016 9AM SHANNONWILLIAMS The gender divide is alive and well in the New Zealand employment market, according to the latest Trade Me Jobs quarterly data, while IT roles continue to dominate the top five highest average pay rate … Continue reading

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How a woman’s identity was stolen with three simple questions

ESTHER HAN Last updated 22:28, July 10 2016 Sue King had her identity stolen. Australian woman Sue King was holidaying in the US when she received an odd email from Uber on her WiFi-connected phone saying she had just taken a … Continue reading

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Professor Judy McGregor supreme winner of Women in Governance Awards

TAO LIN Last updated 13:44, July 1 2016 Human rights professor and women’s issues advocate Judy McGregor has been awarded the supreme title at the Women in Governance Awards. The Auckland University of Technology professor recently completed a three-year research project … Continue reading

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